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Archive of news

International airport Simferopol 2015


Residential house on Borisovskaya street, Moscow 2014-16


Airport in Perm 2005

In June 2015 Studio took part in the closed competition for the design of a new passenger terminal of the airport of Simferopol. Having considerable experience in the development of airport complexes, we tried to create a comfortable space both outside and inside the terminal. Major architectural decision was fantastic nature of the Crimean Peninsula.


The construction of a Izmailovo-line residential house was completed in August 2016. Residential building consists of two different volumes of architecture - a relief from the road, and more smooth in the heart of a site. Large scale pylons gives expressive facade, lined with embossed granite.


The project of the passenger terminal in Perm was developed in conjunction with the Spectrum group acted as the General designer. The architectural image is inspired by a unique collection of Perm wooden sculpture. A key element of the main facade is a huge angel wing, as if carved from wood and hovering over the main entrance.

Hotel complex Radisson blu Moscow riverside hotel&spa 2015 (in collaboration with "GrandProjectSity" and MAGPI named after academician Polyansky)


Olympic Committee building in Moscow 2015


Airport in Perm 2005

In the summer of 2015. Bureau (as part of a consortium) participated in the open competition at the RadissonBlu hotel Moscow Riverside Hotel&SPA. Scenic river space allowed to organize free composition of volumes, each of which is filled with its own function.


In June 2015 Studio developed the concept of the Olympic Committee of Russia building, in the framework of the 2nd round of competition. At the heart of our project lies, on the one hand, the classical architecture of Ancient Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic movement and energy of the sport, forming dynamic space.


The project of the passenger terminal in Perm was developed in conjunction with the Spectrum group acted as the General designer. The architectural image is inspired by a unique collection of Perm wooden sculpture. A key element of the main facade is a huge angel wing, as if carved from wood and hovering over the main entrance.

Residential complex on Nakhimovsky prospect, Moscow 2004-14


Multifunctional center Slavyanka in Moscow. The concept of facades decision 2013-14


Nuclear energy pavilion at VDNKh, Moscow 2015

The implementation of one of the most innovative Studio projects - residential complex Versis on Nakhimovsky prospect in Moscow is completing. Together with the Istok-story company we were able to implement a number of unique solutions - residential bridge with a 40-meters span, effective consoles as well as innovative systems of Zerringer facades.


The Assembly of the facades of the shopping center at Slavyansky Bulvar in Moscow is completing. Innovative panels system with surround perforation forms a smooth "intricacies" of the tree, which in the evening, thanks to the led backlight, turns into a shimmering sea.


At the beginning of 2015 Studio participated in the open competition for the atomic energy pavilion at VDNKH. We developed two variants - "The heart of the atom" and "City of the sun", each in his own way demonstrate nuclear energy industry, working for the benefit of man.

Architectural and urban planning concept of science and technology Museum in Tomsk 2015




The Lost world. Luzhniki pool reconstruction 2014

In the fall of 2014 Studio participated in the 2nd round of the competition for the Museum of science and technology in Tomsk. A landmark for the city, the function of the Museum on the one hand, and the protected natural landscape of the site on another forced us to look for the most incredible decision. The final version combines both "challenge". Becoming a continuation of the landscape, the Museum building is gradually gaining height and shoots up the tower-beacon, as if embodying the legendary phrase "through thorns to the stars".


On 25 of December, 2013 in the A.ShChuseva's name Museum of Architecture the presentation of Tatlin Monomagazine "Asadovs Architects" has taken place. In the edition the brightest projects and constructions of last years, from chamber objects up to town-planning concepts are published. The magazine can be got on a site of the publishing house.


In may 2014, our Studio has passed in the 2nd round of the competition for the reconstruction of swimming pool in Luzhniki. We present the final project competition, not only the best preserved the existing building of the pool, but also brought in a modern sound in the form of an open eco-spa-zone - the Lost world in the middle of Moscow...

The concept of airport passenger terminal in Saratov 2013-14


Business center Olympic Hall in Moscow 2008-13


Land Rover and Hyundai center AVILON in Moscow 2012-13

In September, 2013 the Studio has won the closed competition on architectural view of the passenger terminal of the airport in Saratov. Competition has been organized under the initiative of the customer - Management Company "Airports of the Regions", Closed Joint Stock Company. It is the first airport in the modern Russia history that was constructed from zero under the international standards.


In 2013 construction of one of sign objects of the Studio, executed together with 19 studio of Mosproject-2 - Olympic Hall building on the Olympic prospectus in Moscow has come to the end. During designing and constructions the building has had time to completely change the function, but the effective decision as the console carrying out, dictated by the narrow-gauge site, has not changed.


Opening of Avilon's company Land Rover and Hyundai automobile center has taken place in November, which project has been developed by the Studio. The given object heading a long chain of car centers along the Volgograd prospectus, counterbalances Mercedes-Bents motor show, constructed also under the project of the Studio in 2000.

International business center of crafts Art Palace in Izmailovo, Moscow 2013


Berezhky - space for life the concept of territory developmenton on Berezhkovskaya embankment in Moscow 2013


In October, 2013 the Studio has developed the concept of the "Izmalovsky Kremlin" International Center of Crafts evolution. Three variants of the architecture on a theme of "posad" at the Kremlin bottom were submitted to the customer.


In January, 2013 the Studio has taken part in competition with the invited participation on the concept of the Berezhkovskoj quay, 20 demesne territory development. The central element became the artificial lake forming around the quarter building.


The collection of three books, and DVD-ROM in the cardboard box finished our big publishing project.

It contains information and materials that provide the most complete picture of the life and work of one of the most famous contemporary Russian architects - Alexander Asadov. You could learn more about the publication on the portal archi.ru.