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In 2013 construction of one of sign objects of the Studio, executed together with 19 studio of Mosproject-2 - Olympic Hall building on the Olympic prospectus in Moscow has come to the end. During designing and constructions the building has had time to completely change the function, but the effective decision as the console carrying out, dictated by the narrow-gauge site, has not changed.






On 25 of December, 2013 in the A.ShChuseva's name Museum of Architecture the presentation of Tatlin Monomagazine "Asadovs Architects" has taken place. In the edition the brightest projects and constructions of last years, from chamber objects up to town-planning concepts are published. The magazine can be got on a site of the publishing house.



In September, 2013 the Studio has won the closed competition on architectural view of the passenger terminal of the airport in Saratov. Competition has been organized under the initiative of the customer - Management Company "Airports of the Regions", Closed Joint Stock Company. It is the first airport in the modern Russia history that was constructed from zero under the international standards.



Opening of Avilon's company Land Rover and Hyundai automobile center has taken place in November, which project has been developed by the Studio. The given object heading a long chain of car centers along the Volgograd prospectus, counterbalances Mercedes-Bents motor show, constructed also under the project of the Studio in 2000.




In October, 2013 the Studio has developed the concept of the "Izmalovsky Kremlin" International Center of Crafts evolution. Three variants of the architecture on a theme of "posad" at the Kremlin bottom were submitted to the customer.



In January, 2013 the Studio has taken part in competition with the invited participation on the concept of the Berezhkovskoj quay, 20 demesne territory development. The central element became the artificial lake forming around the quarter building.



The collection of three books, and DVD-ROM in the cardboard box finished our big publishing project.

It contains information and materials that provide the most complete picture of the life and work of one of the most famous contemporary Russian architects - Alexander Asadov. You could learn more about the publication on the portal

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