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On the 2 of May a presentation of Alexander Asadov's monograph was hold in the House of architects

Monograph-a portrait of one of the leading Russian architects, Alexander Asadov, represent his main buildings and projects for more than 30 years of his professional practice.

The composition of the collection:

- "TOP 25" (the 25 best создание of A. Asadov in detail) - 1500 rubles.
- "Catalogue" (overview of major projects and buildings from 1994 to 2009) - 600 RUB.
- "Para-history" (book of sketches, concept projects and interviews) - 600 RUB.
- DVD with the film "Inner freedom" and portfolio - 200 rubles.
The cost of a full set in box - 2700 RUB.

On the purchase of the publication or its individual books, please contact T. 8(905)7477762 - Tatiana Petrova.

Presentation of the monograph of A. Asadov in the building of the Central House of architect

We represent the film "Alexander Asadov. Inner freedom", which is part of the publication. The movie introduces the main A. Asadov's buildings and projects for more than 30 years of professional practice. What is modern architecture in the understanding of its creator, what aims and objectives he has set himself, what ways he chooses to solve them and what problems he has to overcome – are the main topics of Alexander Asadov's monologues, recorded in different years. The film was created by Studio C:CA / Center of contemporary architecture in 2011.