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Lecture of Andrei Asadov "Living spaces - from home to the city", 11.2017
How to create a "live" city from zero and how this city is arranged - a short story in TED format from Andrei Asadov, within the framework of the lecture "360 talks about the future", held in the Manege in November 2017.

Lecture of Alexander Asadov in the framework of the "Architectural Year 2017" AGC , 27.04.2017 (Rus)
The lecture was held as part of a cycle from 12 performances of leading Russian architects, organized by AGC and the National Agency of Architecture and Urban Planning. In his speech, Alexander Asadov talks about how, being constrained by the external context, one can gain inner freedom, allowing to create and implement the most incredible projects.

A.R.Asadov's Lecture in "exclusive practice" course in Moscow Institute of Architecture, 27.10.2016 (Rus)
"Architecture has two source- earthly and heavenly. Architect, as a man - body remains on earth and spirit - in the heavenly spheres, from where he draws his inspiration. Therefore the task of the architect -harmonically combine the two global source..."


(lecture 26.04.2003 in the 'Brestsky Club')