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Moscow-based architectural bureau, founded in 1989. Main activities: development of projects with different functions – urban complexes, public, culture and sport facilities, multistorey and country housing, high-rise buildings, etc. The studio has participated in numerous exhibitions - "Golden section", "Zodchestvo", etc., is a laureate of national and international architectural competitions and awards (Moscow prize-2001, World Architectural Festival-2010, etc.)

The Bureau’s history starts from 1989, when Alexander Asadov founded one of the first personal architectural studio in the former USSR. Now he has a role of it’s Creative Director. The director is his son, Andrey Asadov. The number of permanent stuff is about 25 people. Architectural department consist of 4 chief architects and 12 project leading architects.

Our principles:

Inspired by the natural and urban context, objectives and characteristics of the project, seeing in them the key to the architecture and its main potential.

Create a unique architectural solutions, endowed with a bright idea, and a strong way, the charging environment.


Laying bold and effective solutions, using the latest trends in architecture and technology. We see the traditional functions in a new light.

In each project we put complex problems, attract the best partners together looking for the answer to the question: how to improve the place / city / environment with this project?

Making architecture, forming a new quality of the environment. Animating the territory and the city, launching a new growth point of lifestyle.

The international certificates and awards:

2018 - Finalist of international competition for Renovation of residential areas in Moscow
2016 - Winner of competition for International Medicine Cluster in Skolkovo, Moscow
2014 - Winner of International competition for the airport in Perm (together with Spectrum group)
2014 - Finalist of International competition for the Museum of Science and Technology in Tomsk (2 place)
2013 - Winner of International competition for the airport in Saratov
2013 - Finalist of International competition for the airport in Rostov-on-Don (2nd place)
2013 - Winner of competition for Oceania mall in Moscow
2013 - Finalist of competition for Berezhkovskaya embankment development
2011 – Winner of the international competition for Astana Youth Center (2 place)
2010 – Russian Green Building Council (RUGBC, the branch of international GBC) member
2010 – Winner of international competition for Dinamo Stadium in Moscow (together with Design by Erick van Egeraat and Mosproject-2)
2010 – Laureate of the World Architectural Festival (Barcelona)

Main buildings:

- Center of Pediatric Hematology in Moscow (together with Mosproekt 2)
- Business Center Olympic Hall in Moscow
- A residential complex in Nakhimovsky Prospect in Moscow.
- A community center in the village. Zhukovka-21
- A business center in Astana Moscow_park (with Mosproekt 2)
- Reconstruction of the building of the Union of Architects of Russia in Moscow (together with Mosproekt 2)
- A residential complex «Gulliver» in Mytishchi (together with MRG)
- Cottage village «Barvikha-CLUB» in Barviha
- Mercedes-Benz center «Avilon» in Moscow
- Tennis center "Olympic star» in Moscow (together with Mosproekt 2)

The main projects:

- Airport complexes in Saratov and Perm (with GC Spectrum)
- A multifunctional complex in Moscow, Ilyushina street
- Development of the area on Makarova street in Moscow
- Technopark Dmitrov yard in Moscow
- Reconstruction and development of the Moscow Ring Railway (jointly with Mosproekt 2)
- The concept of sports facilities 2018 in Volgograd (with Mosproekt 2)
- The development of under-road space Kiev rail way in Moscow (together with Mosproekt 2)
- Residential neighborhood Konstantinovo Domodedovo (together with project-KS)
- A residential district in South Domodedovo
- Music Theatre in Kaliningrad
- The concept of the Belarusian square development in Moscow

Studio's founders biography:

Andrey Asadov

(manager, general director)
Was born in 1976. in Moscow
Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute in 1999.
Since 2003 - Head of the Asadov Architecture Studio
2005-06 - Teacher at the Moscow Institute of Architecture
From 2005 - Member of the Moscow Architectural Union
From 2005 to 2013 - curator of architectural festival "Towns"
From 2014 - curator of architectural festival "Zodchestvo"
Winner of the "Award of Moscow" 2015.
Vice-president of the Union of Architects of Russia

Alexander Asadov

(creative director)
Was born in 1951. in Khabarovsk
Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute in 1975.
Since 1975 to 1987 worked in various design organizations of Moscow
In 1987 founded Private Architectural Studio
Since 1995 to 2014 head of the 19 Workshop in "Mosproekt 2" project institute
From 2015 - the chief architect of the Institute named after Polanski (MAHP)
Winner of the All-Union and Russia shows and competitions
Winner of the "Moscow Prize" in 1997 and in 2015.
Advisor of the Russian Academy of Architecture
Member of the International Academy of Architecture