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Multifunctional center «Oceania» in Moscow. The concept of facades decision (2013-16)

ADDRESS: Moscow Slavyansky Blvd., 3
2013 (1st place)
TPS Real Estate
A.Asadov, E.Didorenko, K.Shepeta, I.Shevchenko
  The proximity to the memorial Victory Park commits a restrained, simple and calm facade decision coming to Kutuzovsky Prospekt and Davydkovskaya street. Completion axes of Slavyansky boulevard and Rublevskoe highway in the area of the input group requires a visual accent.
Contrasting external conditions form different scale facades. Facade, that matches the capital Avenue scale - calm horizontal division, drawn proportions, pure solid form. The facade that matches the scale of the urban street - Slavyansky Boulevard - full of commercial activity in the pedestrian level.
Contrast external environment and the internal structure of the complex formed different glazing from the prospectus side and internal Boulevard. There is disclosure of the building showcases to outside in the pedestrian level (inputs, cafe terraces, driveways, loading), with the exception of the facade along Kutuzovsky Prospekt with noisy and dusty road flow coming along the avenue, highway overpasses and Staromozhaysky highway. There is catering area, disclosed by showcases towards the center, the main entrance and the Kutuzovsky Prospect.
Facade material
Perforated panel - a simple solution, forming a spectacular "skin" of the facade, especially in the evening, thanks to backlighting. It is possible to use both simple and bulk perforation (by folding the punched element).