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International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo (2015-18)

ADDRESS: IC Skolkovo
PROJECT: 2015-16
CUSTOMER: Fund of international medical cluster
GENERAL DESIGNER: Transumed Company - I.Aleksandrov (head), Savchenko (Chief Project Engineer)
ARCHITECTS: Asadov studio - A.A.Asadov (GAP), A.R.Asadov, K.Shepeta, I.Shevchenko, T.Lebedeva, Yu.Shaletri
DESIGNERS, ENGINEERS: Engex company - A.Nikiforov (head), D.Manannikov
MAIN PARAMETERS: total area of 1 housing 1– 12 888 sq.m, 2 housing – 19 062 sq.m
  The project is located on the territory of the Skolkovo-innovative city, consisting of 5 thematic clusters, one of which is medical. As part of this cluster, it is planned to build hospitals of different profiles, research and training centers, as well as apartments for patients and doctors. Our Bureau has developed a Masterplan of the entire cluster, as well as a project of the first stage - the diagnostic building. The body includes a diagnostic unit, as well as an atrium, to which on the other hand it is planned to attach a therapeutic unit.
The innovative nature of the whole city - a kind of ground for working out new solutions - has affected the appearance of the building. The outer shell is an energy-saving facade made of stained glass, on top of which there are metal slats. Lamellae pattern resembles a cardiogram of different density and rhythm wrapped around the building. The Central atrium forms the most comfortable and friendly space for patients. Light, light-permeated atmosphere takes a person away from heavy thoughts and adjusts to recovery.