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220 hectares area development in Saratov (2016)

ADDRESS: Saratov
ARCHITECTS: A.Asadov, Yu.Butyrskaya, K.Shepeta, I.Shevchenko, T.Lebedeva, Yu.Shaletri
  We relied on two basic parameters at concept developing.
On the one hand - it is established urban structure of the city, its distinctive elements and features of the surrounding area.
On the other hand - is the latest urban trends in the formation of a comfortable urban space, reflected in such principles as the quarterly construction, pedestrian and public areas, live and diverse living environment.
Put together, these principles have formed a unique architectural design, which is represented in this project.
All design decisions are made in accordance with federal and regional norms and rules of urban development, as well in accordance with the marketing recommendations, developed by Colliers company. Architectural solutions of facades of residential buildings correspond to economy and comfort class, inherent in the original setting.