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Residential complex at Ryazan prospect, 26 (2017)

ADDRESS: Moscow, Ryazan prospect, 26
ARCHITECTS: A.A. Asadov, A.R. Asadov, I. Shevchenko, T. Lebedeva, N. Barinov, A. Balyuk, N. Asadov, D. Suvorov, Y. Butyrskaya

INDICATORS: Land area - 25.89 hectares
Total building area - 647 500 sq m
  "From time immemorial in the places south-east of the Kremlin stretched vast forests that occupied huge areas up to the eastern borders of the modern Moscow region. The thickets were so impassable that in 1175, during one of the princely wars, an unprecedented event occurred. Two troops marching towards each other (one from Moscow, the other from Vladimir), just got lost ... " (from the website of the Ryazan district administration)

In developing the concept, we relied on two main parameters.
On the one hand, these are modern urban trends: quarterly development, public and private (courtyard) zones, a vibrant and diverse living environment.
On the other hand - historical overtones. On four hills-stylobates grow "copses" of four landmarks for these places of trees (apple, spruce, willow and birch), which are united by a central park zone with a decorative pond. Over these "coppices" climb up the slender rows of quarters and towers, as if a relic forest, suddenly arose amidst city fuss.