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Сomfort class eco-quarter «Russian Europe» in Kaliningrad (2018)

ADDRESS: Kaliningrad
CUSTOMER: AvangardStroyProyekt
ARCHITECTS: A.R.Asadov, M.M.Asadova, A.A.Asadov, K.Shepeta, I.Shevchenko, N.Asadov, A.Balyuk, P.Belkova, Yu.Butyrskaya, A.Geraskina, N.Kucherov, T.Lebedeva, M.Matveyev, N.Pankova
PARTNERS OF THE PROJECT: Prospecta, Fluidra companies

Total area-405 000 sq. m
including the living area of 243 000 sq m
non-residential premises
and social.infrastructure-56 000 sq. m
number of apartments-3 470 PCs .
number of residents - 8 100 people.
Parking in stylobate-120 000 sq. m
+ underground Parking-42 000 sq. m
  The key task of the project was to create a full-fledged living environment comparable to the environment of the historic European city. It is a city that is large-scale to the person, a city where everything is at hand, a city with a variety of architecture, public spaces and events.

On the territory of 20 hectares unfolds a diverse urban landscape, consisting of a number of residential areas and a public area in the middle. The principle of total diversity and choice is reflected in all elements of the project.

The first principle of diversity is the variety of housing types, from a townhouse to a skyscraper. The choice of the buyer - low-rise buildings, city villas, sectional buildings, terraced houses and single towers. The Central high-rise accent is a 35-storey tower on the city square, a kind of" beacon " of the new district, which is part of the system of urban dominants.

The second principle is the diversity of public spaces. The district has its own city square, pedestrian boulevards, city squares, Central amphitheatre and Park area. Due to the fact that the whole complex is raised on the stylobate with a car Parking for 4 thousand cars, all ground space is released for pedestrians. Drainage channels for drainage of the territory are turned into a chain of decorative reservoirs along which pass boulevards-embankments, and at once in 2 levels - in the level of a Parking and above, on a stylobate.

The third principle is the diversity of social infrastructure. Built-in kindergartens in each quarter, a separate kindergarten for 250 seats, a private school for 430 seats and a secondary school for 1700 seats, cultural and fitness centers, a variety of public and commercial functions in the first floors - all this, among other things, creates new jobs and stimulates the development of micro-business.

Thus, the proposed solutions allow us to set a new level of quality environment for housing comfort class and create a competitive product in the real estate market, which can become a model for different regions of Russia.