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City new standards IZh! (2015-16)

ADDRESS: Izhevsk, Udmurt republic
PROJECT PARTNERS: the Udmurtia Republic Government and "Living Cities" national community, "MOD City group" LLC
PROJECT: 2015-...
ARCHITECTS: A.A.Asadov, A.Balyuk at participation of N.Trudkova, Yu.Pavlova, N.Chernysheva, A.Kaminskya, V.Zaitseva and others
  IZh! - a clever city with a soul, combining breakthrough technology and human development. Starting with a pilot project, a system from a variety of cities is formed to develop their regions.

IZh! concept is based on three elements:
- Technological innovation ("clever city", applied robotics and new urban environment standards);
- Social and human innovation (community living);
- A new vision of the future cities (live network cities).

The project's task - to show the ideal model of the city with the possibility of existing towns transition in this state. Events that are planned to be held on the territory of IZh! include various forums, congresses, conferences, and world-class festivals. The entire territory is supposed to fill by life, cultural and educational activities, making an attractive place for tourists from all over the country and around the world