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Minipolis improvement concept «8 maples» (2018)

ADDRESS: Moscow region, Krasnogorskiy R-n, micro-district Opalikha
CUSTOMER: "City-XXI century» company
ARCHITECTS: N.Asadov, A.Geraskina, N.Pankova, Yu.Butyrskaya

MAIN INDICATORS: The total area of the area is 11.6 hectares
  The landscaped territory is located on the territory of the former holiday home "Opalikha", previously - the estate Opalikha-Alekseevskoye.
For a long time, the territory was not serviced, green spaces and reservoirs did not have proper care.

The proposed planning solution inherits the principles of the estate, consisting of four wing buildings, opening onto a common manor park, which works not only as a composition and planning center, but also as the main T
he public space with a variety of activities for a variety of leisure activities.

Territory improvement is decided as a set of public spaces, typical for a small European town - street, square, yard with grove, yard with a fountain, courdoner, garden, boulevard, park. Each of the presented zones has its own bright appearance and atmosphere, but all of them are closely connected with the historical park, which is in the center. As a symbol of the unification of the new mini-campus development with the history of the manor park, a small exhibition pavilion has been designed, on the sides of which 8 maples rise.