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Residential complex on Nakhimovsky prospect, Moscow (2004-16)

ADDRESS: the intersection of Vavilov street and Nakhimov Avenue
PROJECT: 2004-08
AUTHORS: ARCHITECTURE: A.Asadov (head), E.Vdovin, A.A.Asadov, A.Dmitriev, D.Zrazhevsky, A.Zarubina;
CONSTRUCTION, ENGINEERING: "Firm ISTOKStroy" LTD: A.Bezrukov, V.Bezrukov, A.Rychihin, L.Bezrukova, A.Slavnov, A.Vybornov, V.Bessoltsev, E.Tihonova
PARAMETERS: Total area – 48900 sq.m
                   Number of storeys – 27-29 floors.
PUBLICATIONS: "House “Versis” on Nakhimovsky avenue" (internet portal
  A narrow site provides the plate image to the building, and the desire to reveal panoramic views spawned several glass bridges and consoles.
The building includes an underground car park at 420car places, the number of storeys is 24 floors in one-section and 22 in the two-section towers.
This project was created in 2005 and then was intended for the Adjara republic cultural center. In late 2006, relations between Russia and Georgia deteriorated - formally, the Transcaucasian Republic decided not to build cultural and business center in Moscow, and the site was handed over to the auction. Auction winner was "Relight Invest" company. The city gave her the right to erect here not cultural - business, but office and residential complex with a children's garden and underground parking.
The span between the towers is about 35 meters. As the main load-bearing elements in the lower part of the bridge will have reinforced concrete beams with a height up to 3 meters. To prevent deformation in places where beams rest on longitudinal bearing walls towers constructors of 'Promstroiproekt' institute and architects of A.Asadov studio developed a unique system by which the two buildings, which are interconnected in the levels of stylobate and bridges, will be as stable as if it were one body. So designers have taken revenge for the underground force majeure, proving that the site disadvantages can be overcome, even for this it is necessary to invent and build a "flying ship".