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«NOT BEDROOM DISTRICT» Architectural and town-planning concept of Golovinsky district renovation, Moscow (2017)

ADDRESS: Moscow, Golovinsky District
ARCHITECTS: Asadov Architectural Studio: A.R.Asadov, A.A.Asadov, M.Asadova, N.Asadov, A.Balyuk, N.Barinov, P.Belkova, YU.Butyrskaya, N.Kucherov, I.Labinskaya, T.Lebedeva, M.Matveyev, N.Pankova, D.Suvorov, I.Shevchenko, K.Shepeta, T.Chernova, B.Erendzhenov
ECONOMISTS: O.Fazullina, A.Mikheyev, Yu.Nikitina
ENGINEERS: Engex company: Yu.Aleshkin, A.Vaskovskaya, A.Volkov, A.Galimshina, S.Dzhamilov, R.Zhafyarov, M.Zernov, D.Ivanov, S.Il'ina, A.Kameneva, V.Kuznetsova, N.Lukashova, A.Nikiforov, G.Nikiforova, S.Onorin, V.Savin, G.Stoyakin, D.Chernov A.Shelkoplyas
The total area of the preserved building is 522 thousand square meters
The total area of the projected building is 1 347 thousand square meters
Including living area - 1 103 thousand square meters, non-residential area - 244 thousand square meters
Density of development - 23 thousand square meters / ha
The population within the boundaries of renovation is 37 570 persons.
Including in the designed houses - 26 690 persons, in the preserved houses - 10 880 persons.
Number of parking spaces - 12 970 (parking in stylobates under yards) + 1210 (parking in the streets)
  Who from Moscow residents does not dream about comfortable and cozy residential neighborhoods?
About life in an area full of quality infrastructure and places for leisure?
About comfortable public spaces and modern cultural centers near the house?
On the place in the underground parking or even on your own roof terrace?
In our project, this is possible due to the following three principles: 100% quality environment, 100% infrastructure for residents and a 100-year horizon of solutions.

100% quality of the environment
We create a business class environment according to the quality standards of the future, so that the district remains comfortable and modern for decades.
On a town-planning scale:
- take into account the climatic factors (wind speed, solar radiation and temperature of the urban environment), so that the residents are comfortable in hot and frosty weather
- create a multi-height building within the block to avoid monotonous "yard-wells"
- forming a dense network of roads and a system of bicycle paths for the convenience of residents
- We do parking in stylobates under the yards, so that in the yards there were no cars
For facades:
- we use durable and easy-to-use materials
- we use modular systems to create a diverse environment
- we suggest updating the facades of houses that were not included in the renovation program
In improvement:
- create a "living" courtyard without cars with zones for all - families with children, the elderly, youth and people with disabilities
- provide for small patio terraces for residents of the first floors
- we suggest using the roofs of the houses as greened terraces for the inhabitants of the upper floors
- consider public areas as a single walking park with a natural eco-system

100% of the infrastructure for residents
We propose to allocate 100 thousand m2 of commercial space for concessional rental for residents. Everyone can rent an office, a bakery, a coffee shop or a children's studio, organize a charity project or coworking, and at a rental rate much lower than the market rate. In total, the project provides 240 thousand square meters of social and commercial space, which will create jobs for residents of the Golovinsky district.
In this approach, we see a number of advantages:
- stimulation of micro-business, social, cultural and charitable initiatives,
- the emergence of new types of leisure - neighborhood communities, exhibitions, educational and sports projects,
- reduce the transport load, because residents will be more interested in spending time in the area.

A 100-year horizon of solutions
We consider all design solutions from the point of view of the life cycle of the district - a minimum of 100 years without large-scale reconstruction.
We urge the city: "Do not be afraid to build with a smaller or even zero profit, creating a quality environment - in the long term of the life cycle, you will still win!"

The calculation of the economic model shows that within the framework of the renovation program it is possible to realize:
- an increase in the area of ??new housing: your apartment will be 30%
- a full set of social and commercial infrastructure (at least 20% of the area),
- quality facades and a variety of amenities,
- and even free parking in the underground parking for immigrants!

The key objective of our project is to create a NOT BEDROOM DISTRICT, a new environment for work and life, forming the business, cultural and social centers of Moscow within each district!