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Center of pediatric hematology, oncology and immunology in Moscow (2008-11)

ADDRESS: Samory Mashela str., 1
PROJECT: 2006-2009
CUSTOMER: FNKTS Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology
CONTRACTOR: LLC "Tranzumed 'hands. Alexandrov, gl.arh. F. Wagenknecht
AUTHORS: ARCHITECTS: M.Posokhin, A.Asadov (leader), V.Legoshin, I.Geleta, V.Kolesnikov, I.Silacheva, N.Semikolenova, P.Iskosov, E. Shilyagina, I.Kurochkin, S.Terehov, O.Demina, Y.Lyubimkina, E.Mironenko, E.Lebedeva, J.Duban, E.Verbitskaya, AA.Asadov, V.Kislov, M.Malein, I.Korenev, A.Shtanyuk, A.Sandu, N.Ulyanova, M.Pavlova, N.Kuzmina, L.Zakharova, A.Khlystova, A.Chesnokova
DESIGNERS: OOO "Monorakurs": I.Dubatovka, K.Sosin, engineers- A.Struchenevsky, A.Nebytov, L.Kipnyak, M.Kuleshova, interior project - "Tranzumed": B. Koenen and others; Asadov Architectural Studio: A.Asadov, M.Pavlova, A.Zarubina.

TOTAL AREA: 78000 sq.m
  The center consists of medical buildings, hospitals and hotel unit, so-called "tree of life". Simultaneously there can be served 400 children, 250 -300 planned inpatient beds.
The architect Alexander Asadov, lead author - "The architectural solution of this complex prompted us to the doctors themselves - are very indifferent and creative people who have asked us to create a very optimistic building, nothing resembling the grim hospital architecture, because it will live convalescent children. So there was a solution of several outstanding amounts, as if composed of colored cubes, and color inserts on the facades. We even called the tower - "Tree of Life".
The structure of a single complex includes various functional blocks: treatment, research, training and clinics, as well as a boarding house for living children undergoing medical rehabilitation. This is a unique house with apartment blocks, consisting of three living rooms, each for one child and his mother, a common living room, kitchen and bathrooms.
Alexander Asadov said: "The project was developed jointly by several organizations. Architecture was made by Mosproekt-2, design was done by our Belarusian colleagues, and all the technological part, including a complete set of unique equipment, led the German experts who have extensive experience in the construction of such clinics. It should be noted that in our team is one of the most experienced Russian designers - Vladimir Legoshin, who built several large medical centers such as the Russian Cardiology Research Center, received the State Prize of the USSR, Botkin medical complex and others".


Report from the opening ceremony, 1 June 2011 (Eugeniy Poddubniy, , Moscow):

"This building seemed to have gathered from children's designer, cubes of different colors and sizes - this is a new federal research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology. Architects and builders, has been tasked to build a hospital that the hospital will look like the least skilled and are able to such medical institutions in the country has not yet built. At the opening ceremony came and the country's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, but most here was not official, and those for whom the center and built - for children with cancer and their parents.
Prime Minister was invited to the podium as the author of the idea of building a new center, but Vladimir Putin immediately said he did not author, but the foreman, who carried out the idea. Prime Minister in his speech thanked and scholars of Russian and foreign, and physicians. Putin said during the year the center will receive 400 patients, and children will receive highly qualified treatment. Thanked Vladimir Putin and members of the charitable fund "Give Life", without which so quickly Centre is unlikely to be built ... "