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Quarter-transformer 2017


Residential district Nekrasovka, quarter 17 2017-18 (in collaboration with MNIITEP)


Residential complex at Ryazan prospect, 26 2017


NOT BEDROOM DISTRICT. Renovation of the Golovinsky district in Moscow 2017 (in collaboration with Prospecta Engex companies)


Khoroshevskoye shosse territory development 2016

Multifunctional residential complex on Kutuzovsky Prospect in Moscow 2015


220 hectares area development in Saratov 2016

Shenogina street territory development in Moscow 2016

Concept of Alive City 2014


City new standards IZh! 2015-16

Residential complex on Melnikov street in Moscow 2006-15

World championship-2018 sports objects conception, Volgograd 2011 (in collaboration with "Mosproekt-2", 19 studio)


Multi-residential and public complex Anemopsis Park 2014

Shabolovsky cultural cluster in Moscow 2014

The city code - Kempa island reconstruction in Vinnitsa, Ukraine 2010


Berezhky - space for life the concept of territory developmenton on Berezhkovskaya embankment in Moscow 2013

Admiral Makarov street territory development 2012

Residential complex Seventh sky in Kazan 2008


Pedestrian city 2011

Science town competition project in Zvenigorod 2009

Complex reconstruction of Sovereignty square in Vinnica, Ukraine 2008


Islands - conceptual suggestions on of the of Sochi waters development 2009 (in collaboration with "GrandProjectSity")

Residential quarter in Domodedovo, Moscow region 2008

Multifunctional complex on Tverskaya Zastava square 2005-06


Development of Kursk station 2008

Multifunctional complex over the railroad between Belorussky and Savelovsky stations 2006

Multifunctional complex DOC-17 on prospect Mira in Moscow 2004


Kiev railway area development 2007-08

Multifunctional complex Meteor on Kutuzovsky prospect 2004

Reconstruction of the station square in Mityshi town 2001


Iceberg plaza. multifunctional complex in Kirkenes, Norway 2005

Central part of the Moscow-City complex 2002

Artificial island in the Black sea 2000


Complex Perekrestok in Chelyabinsk 2003


Reconstruction of Krest. Zastava square in Moscow 1999

Eurorailway terminal complex in Moscow 1998


Reconstruction of the river station in Novosibirsk 2000


Reconstruction of the island edge in Moscow 1998